• Half the Picture - Miranda July

    Half the Picture

    HALF THE PICTURE is a feature documentary about the dismal number of women directors working in Hollywood, using the current EEOC investigation into discriminatory hiring practices as a framework to talk to successful women directors about their career paths, their struggles, their inspiration and their hopes for the future.

  • Shoegazer


    Shoegazer (18 minutes, Super 16mm)
    *WINNER Jury Award* DGA Student Filmmaker Awards

  • The Home of Split Pea Soup

    The Home of Split Pea Soup

    The Home of Split Pea Soup (16 minutes, Mini DV)
    “A meditation on the curative and contagious power of generosity…a gem.” – LA Weekly

  • Surviving 7th Grade

    Surviving 7th Grade

    Surviving 7th Grade (7 minutes, 16mm)
    “Surviving 7th Grade takes just seven-and-a-half sparkling minutes to initiate us into the secret rituals and self-effacing humor that just might enable a couple of nerdy (yet utterly appealing) pubescent girls to weather a stormy passage through adolescence.” – LA Weekly